Essenhout met geel en blauw, 2021, essenhout/acrylic, 50x31x26 cm

Kindt’s work is heavily influenced by his stays in Brazil, from where he translates the warmth into a sizzling color palette.

The ways in which he paints on the canvas creates an illusion of depth which takes the viewer on an introspective journey. The sense of composition, structure and lines of Kindt’s paintings is also contained in his abstract, minimalist and balance-defying sculptures. He understands the virtuosic strength of the natural aspect of the wood and is not afraid to toy with colors for his finishing touch.

His three-dimensional creations form a counterweight to the painted works, which often appear to give a reflection of lines and imperfections which he discovered in the wood.

The creations of this artist allow us to establish a connection with our essence in this hectic world, just by their sheer design.

Regina Van Landuyt, Art historian

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