Duo exhibition Koen Muller & Rik Vermeersch

20 February from 2 – 6 pm: finnisage “Brothers forever”

For the first time, Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche shows a duo exhibition with unique and recent works of Koen Muller and Rik Vermeersch under the apt title ‘Brothers forever’.

In an interview with Hilde van Canneyt, in March 2014, Koen Muller says: “Philosophising is something I do especially with the artist Rik Vermeersch, a very good friend of mine. He knows me through and through. We are ruthlessly hard and do not spare each other. This honesty takes us further”.

The exhibition reflects two opposites who find each other in art, each with his own individuality and personality.

Both artists have known each other since they were sixteen. They studied together at the Hoger Instituut voor Beeldende Kunst Sint Lucas in Ghent, shared a studentroom, exhibited together, never lost sight of each other and have grown into an intense friendship until today. Both are illustrators, painters and sculptors.

Rik Vermeersch (Kortrijk, 1949)

(son of sculptor José Vermeersch, father of four artists: Pieter Vermeersch, Tinus Vermeersch, Robin Vermeersch and Lowie Vermeersch)

Rik Vermeersch works and lives in Meulebeke.

The artist wants to continually demarcate reality. I have the best experience of this when I am not painting. Painting is a weakening of that experience, and that gives the complete feeling that I want to grasp something that is elusive’. Appearance is so close to disappearance, and in the middle between the two, reality reveals itself. Not as in a grey area in between, but somewhere where all ‘colour’ has its right to speak. Rik Vermeersch is looking for the depiction of reality out of, as was stated before, an infinite respect for reality. I see the beautiful and therefore I want to be a medium without discolouration, without blemish, I want to paint as impersonally as possible. Just like Gerhard Richter, Rik Vermeersch wants to give his paintings ‘the most unartistic, impersonal, and distanced character possible’. He wants to develop in such a way that he can better delimit the world, in order to do justice to the amazement of seeing, which is the motor and the source of every new work.

(Matthijs Van Dijk)

Koen Muller (Lokeren, 1948)

(father of Fien Muller (design bureau Muller Van Severen), uncle of artist Sofie Muller)

Koen Muller lives and works in Eksaarde.

He is an expressive and inquisitive person whose purpose in life is to understand by doing. Koen Muller does not like to call himself a figurative or abstract painter, both are subject and incidental to plastic materialisation. Of himself he says: “I like to mix styles, it can be fertilising. Knowledge has nothing to do with abundance, but with depth. I create structures out of chaos. I eliminate on the basis of my own appropriated visual processes.

In the interview with Hilde van Canneyt quoted above, he says: “I am constantly working on my own personal development and I always want to be a little further back in time for myself. I want to exploit new facets all the time. I want to explore, to develop something, but I am sensitive to the way others look at it.

I look at my work as if it belonged to someone else. I distance myself quite immediately. What I think today is important. The NOW is essential, as is the act of making.

Pictures © Alexander D’Hiet

16/01/2022 — 20/02/2022

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

Koen Muller, Rik Vermeersch

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