Jacques Charlier (Liège, 1939)

The exhibition of Jacques Charlier at Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche in Brussels shows his recent works under the obvious title ‘ Hybrid Paintings. Binary gesturalism, with fly, transcubisto-picturals, and others…’

“ The rebelliousness of contemporary art is adapting to today’s fashion by producing new versions of academic artworks taken from the thirty glorious years. Lyrical and geometric abstraction, pop art, minimalism, conceptual art, hyper-realism, station graffiti, body art, installations and more. The media write about them with general indifference. The routine rule of thumb is that art is what is said about it, that is, what the market dictates and imposes as its artistic value.

Charlier’s shift in phase from this torpor is nothing new. It is all the more noticeable as his paintings appear to be not only from another period in the way they look, but also in the manner of their execution.

At first glance, the art lover is not convinced by what they see. They are amazed at the incongruous presence of this kind of painting in a contemporary art gallery. And if distracted, one could easily think they are visiting an exhibition by a group of artists from different backgrounds.

The hybrid method that Charlier offers is to look and examine the painting with a little more precision. His approach is not just temporal or stylistic. It is strategically contrary to the brand image that one might immediately recognise.

The craftsmanship, the genre, the identity, the framing and the aesthetics, are normal in appearance. This is why the scenario for this exhibition disturbs us by deviating from the usual immediate attribution.

The artist invites us to reflect in this tangle of humorous contradictions and this can quickly become a topic of discussion… which is also one of the artist’s intentions. “

Louis Vandersanden (Café de la presse, 2021)


 The artist Jacques Charlier is an autodidact. Both his work at the municipal utilities and as a professor of graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège his artistic work. His entire oeuvre is defined by his critical approach to the art world, the art market and the current clichés regarding the avant-garde. Owing to his constant quest for appropriate connections between ideas and media, he favours an interdisciplinary and intermedial way of working. Jacques Charlier has participated in numerous international solo and group exhibitions. His works can be found in important private and public collections in Belgium, U.S.A, Germany, France and Luxembourg.


05/09/2021 — 24/10/2021

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

Jacques Charlier

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