TEN times TWO

First group exhibition “TEN times TWO” at Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

TEN visual artists and TWO artworks, one big and one small. Two creations from each of the ten. A small dream.

My heart for art is much, much bigger, the gallery just big enough.

I want the visitor to enjoy ten quite different ways in which visual artists look at

the world, the past, today and tomorrow. How they see and experience life.

To let the art lover immerse himself in a range of emotions and ways in which all this takes visual form, in the hope that the confrontation will lead to the discovery of the entire oeuvre of the exhibiting artists.

Which artists? There are artists who have more than earned their spurs and still continue to captivate, surprise and others will be unknown to many. I opt for young and old, for beauty, for visual messages in completely different ways.

“TEN times TWO” will be a colourful and varied plastic adventure. These classics will make it so:

William Sweetlove, Christophe Malfliet, Joachim Devillé, Joanna Kraszewska, Mireille Robbe,

Griet Dobbels, Luc Vandervelde lux, Jean De Groote, Chihiro Kondo and Jacques Charlier.

12/06/2022 — 10/07/2022

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

Chihiro Kondo, Christophe malfliet, Griet Dobbels, Jacques Charlier, Jean De Groote, Joachim Devillé, Joanna Kraszewska, Luc Vandervelde Lux, Mireille Robbe, william sweetlove

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