Yves Velter (Ostend, 1967)

Yves Velter is a Belgian visual artist who lives and works in Ostend.

He is fascinated by the individual and more specifically the contemplative angle, that part with which we are familiar with but lack grasp. Through his work, mostly consisting of paintings, he attempts to visualize that which escapes us using his unique imagery that displays human figures in isolated surroundings. Their identity, context, and sense of time are stripped away and replaced by a cryptic activity or metaphor.  

His painting “The portent” is layered. Its depiction of a female figure with a clutter of *keys on the table before her addresses the challenge of finding the right questions that will unlock the answers.
At the same time it is a celebration of the woman not only fulfilling her task as a searching individual, but even going beyond to where she has built a reserve of it prompting a change in her status to becoming a benefactor.

By reversing this search, the individual looking for answers to contemplative questions is also challenged.

*Keys often return in Yves Velter’s work. They are part of a pictographic alphabet that currently consists of thirty symbols (hardboard, copies of letters from Trees, red bulls, flashlight, mirrors, the see,…). The key represents the many answers each of us have to questions that will never be raised by those closest to us, because they are either too sensitive, too personal, or contain a certain risk/reward that could influence the quality and very nature of the relationship.

It is precisely in this area of interest where the key to better understanding one another can be found. Does art have the potential to unlock the unsolvable after all?

13/03/2021 — 30/04/2021

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

Yves Velter

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