Dieter Lannoo (Ostend, 1976)

Dieter Lannoo lives and works in Ghent. Graduated as a interieur- and jewelry-designer, plus a background as a street-artist. With those influences of designing, creating and the ability to abstract, he creates a whole new and unique language of hard contrasts and textures.
The concept leans towards the graphical/architectural shapes and feel.
And the constructive abstract language exists here out of lines, shapes and mostly out of rectangles how are representing certain kinds of identities.

Here the “Individual” is in most cases the centre of all his work.
The fascination for this goes back to his childhood, to observe people with patience and watching those identities moving, adapting or unfolding.
This in all kinds of ways. Each with their own beliefs or judgement, helping or undermining themself along the way.
The observation within these scenario’s or the ones flowing out of these confrontations are making place for letting us say, a kind of appreciation for that individual itself.
By observing and so…giving them your time, in return you get some kind of sympathy or forgiveness. The input of time leads to more insight.

Going in dialogue as in connecting with another individual, each with their own truth, opening up or shutting down is what we can behold here.
This probably with a new insight or perspective.

These works are asking a bit of time to fully grasp you to the core of its meaning.
His technique and choice of material are enhancing the concept and are sometimes also in dialogue with each other. This brings in a way a kind of serenity or a spatial awareness.
The delicate and precisely way of using these materials or technique, are giving you a hint that there is also a physical aspect at work by creating these objects or paintings. It’s there but it’s not imposing itself up on the spectator.

10/01/2021 — 27/02/2022

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche

Dieter Lannoo

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