GUEST ARTISTLuc Vandervelde Lux (1969)

Untitled, Object as Image, processed insulation material and dull, gold leaves and wooden frame, 112 x128 cm

Lives and works in Brussels.

He is an artist who works mainly with found/recycled material. He reduces these remnants of daily life into aesthetic compositions. The structures of the disposable material are unravelled or dismantled before starting a second life. From the textiles and other materials used, one can derive the universal patterns about personal life. The fascinating thing about this is to penetrate a world in space, time and depth. The history of the material, however, remains anonymous, while our interpretation is inevitably personally coloured. Individual memories become intertwined with those of unknown lives. Thus we touch a universal dimension and gaze into our own future past. When matter is recuperated, it has already lost its attraction. After the artistic intervention, the material recovers its decorative function but in a different dimension. Indeed, the chosen fabrications were initially series of products that correspond to a functional domesticity. The new decorative function has a purely aesthetic character that distances itself from easy coquetry.

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