Agitation Alignée XII,  2020 Indian Ink, beeswax and gold powder. 31,5 x 24 cm.

Mireille Robbe studied at Sint-Lucas in Brussels and at the art academy of Leuven.

A kaleidoscope of experiences is to be found in the works of Mireille Robbe: a range of life lessons, searching, and probing. A quest to find herself, be it via her suitcase in the painter’s studio of Maurice Van Saene at Sint-Lucas in Brussels, reading, intuition, …A complex embroidery about the essence of life, and death. About tangible things and about magical concoctions. Her work shows us the ingenuity of creation, or nature, which she links to human psychology, and makes us reflect on details that escape us because they are so seemingly obvious. Just as surrealists often departed from a recognizable reality, evoking on top of it their own and yet universally recognized mysticism and eroticism. The work of Mireille Robbe questions individuation in a space to think (differently), translated into essential beauty.

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